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The only thing that makes the road to growth look impossible is the lack of process to get there. Brisk helps you do that.

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What is BRISK?

It's a growth marketing tool built for remote teams to manage their growth marketing efforts.
All your goals, ideas, experiments and learnings in one place.


Brisk is important for managing your entire process of growth marketing.
As it puts everything under one roof. It keeps everything shared, transparent and organized.
BRISK will help you in these 5 situations 👇


You have a meeting in 10 to justify all the experiments of the last 30 days. Sorry, what?


Have we tested this idea before?
Are you sure Maria?


I'm the one who gave this idea but he took the credit. ARGH!


What was the growth lever of this idea?


David, can you recall the baseline metric when we started?

BRISK is the answer to all these situations you one ended up!

No more guesswork, no more false wins.

Implement process-based growth.

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See what BRISK offers to your business.

All your ideas at one place.

Ideas from all of your team members at one unified place. Rate each other ideas on the bases of ICE score model.

I — Impact
C — Confidence
E — Ease

Know what's on your roadmap.

Create and monitor your goals.
See what's your North Star. How many ideas were experimented in that and how many learnings were there.

Rapid Experimentations

Test your ideas. Analyse multiple experiments from one place. See which of them is moving your North Star metric.

All your learnings organised.

Knowledge base have all of your past experiments record. Sort out by their outcomes and see what were the learning behind that experiment at that time.

A growth marketing funnel in a web app.

How it works?

See how growth process works in BRISK

Create roadmaps

Decide a metric you want to move and create a roadmap for it that what you want to acheive.

Come up with ideas

Your growth team comes up with ideas which will support that goal. Ideas are evaluated by ICE model.

Move ideas to

Move the top ideas supported by your growth team to experiments. Run the experiement and analyse it's results.

Find your winning

See if the experiement moved your North Star Metric and acheived your goal. If it did. It's your winning idea.

Knowledge base

Knowledge base contains all the ideas, their results, hypothesis and lesson learnt from the experiments.

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